large storage sheds

Large Storage Sheds

Large storage sheds are used all over the United States and around the world. They come in different shapes and sizes. These structures are normally built out of wood, but also are built out of metal. Another material used in building these sheds is LP SmartSide siding. What constitutes a large storage shed? At Backyard Outfitters, Inc.  [Read More]

garden sheds

Garden Sheds

It’s winter time, but spring will be here before you know it. The time to start planning your flower or vegetable garden is right now. Finding the best seed for your soil, the best tools to use during planting, and how to properly store all of your gardening supplies are topics on everyone’s mind. Garden sheds  [Read More]

veterans day sale

Veteran’s Day Sale

At Backyard Outfitters, Inc. we are extremely grateful for all of the servicemen and servicewomen who have served this great country of ours. It is not lost to us about the sacrifice that each and everyone has made to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy. As the saying goes…“all gave some, and some gave  [Read More]

most popular barns

Popular Storage Barns

Every company has a product that they sell that is their best seller. We sell several popular prefab storage barns. We sell everything from a simple 8′ x 12′ metal storage shed to super spacious 14′ x 40′ deluxe prefab cabin. Depending on the territory can affect which buildings sell better than others. Based on  [Read More]

Backyard Storage

One of the greatest values that a building from Backyard Outfitters Inc. provides is the backyard storage it provides. There are multiple backyard storage options including backyard barns, utility sheds, cabins and garages. Depending on exactly how much stuff you need to store will determine which storage solution is best for your needs. Here are  [Read More]

barn color options

3 Most Popular Barn Color Options

Since we have launched our new barn customizer function, we have had hundreds of site visitors design a custom shed. The customizer uses a side lofted barn cabin as a base model, but all buildings (except metal sheds) can be purchased with these color options.  We have sifted through all of the custom shed entries that people have  [Read More]

Where Can I Buy Rent To Own Storage Buildings

Where Can I Buy Rent To Own Storage Buildings?

The single greatest question we get asked is: “Where can I buy rent to own storage buildings?” At Backyard Outfitters, Inc. we are proud to serve nearly 150 dealers in seven different states. We have dealers located in Georgia, Maryland, New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. There are plenty of good reasons to  [Read More]

barn siding

Barn Siding Differences

Barn siding comes in a number of different varieties. The different barn siding options can be broken down into 3 basic categories. Those three most common barn siding options are: T1-11 siding (plywood or OSB), engineered wood and metal barn siding. 80% of portable barns are constructed with either T1-11 type siding or a engineered wood product like LP Smartside.  [Read More]

prefab sheds

Top 5 Uses of Prefab Sheds

Prefab sheds have been growing in popularity over the years. They provide a great space to fulfill a variety of needs. Prefab sheds come in all different shapes and sizes and with different types of siding to match your taste. We have conducted internal polling to determine what are the top 5 uses for prefab sheds.  [Read More]

shed shop

Popular Shed Shop Uses

Hobbies come in all shapes, sizes AND budgets. Some hobbies don’t require much like frisbee golf, jogging or hiking. While others, like gardening, scrapbooking and others can begin to involve lots of cost and space. Several people have turned to portable buildings to configure their very own shed shop. Shed shops are very common for things  [Read More]

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